Stay Grounded – Podcast with Brian Begin

by Eric Disco
Mar 25

You’re there in front of a beautiful woman.

Most guys falter. But you stay grounded.

How do you keep being you, even when you feel you’re being swept off your feet?

How do you stay present in conversation instead of thinking ahead and worrying about what to say next?

Learn how to be grounded in this great podcast with the expert, Brian Begin of InnerConfidence.

Brian teaches guys how to “lean into their sharp points.” He teaches guys how to manage the tension by being more present.

Why are some guys able to actually play with the tension instead of backing down? Brian shows you how.

And if you’re stuck at zero, Brian delivers some amazing tips on how to get comfortable with that first approach.

Don’t miss this.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet – Download Free MP3 Podcast (36 min, 37 MB)


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6 responses
Hannes says:

Awesome podcast Eric. I really never really thought of just being in the present moment. I always end up thinking of what happens next. This was a lot of help. Thanks.

Christopher says:

Great content. I always enjoy your podcasts and I hope you continue them. Have you ever tried to reduce your verbal pauses (ahs/ums)? Being in Toastmasters, I have become very aware of mine and others and giving speeches has helped me cut them out.

Eric Disco says:

Have you ever tried to reduce your verbal pauses (ahs/ums)?

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. That is something I’m working on!


Karma says:

Wow…brilliant…by far the best podcast I’ve listened to here!

Girls says:

Hey Eric, that was a good podcast. I like the idea of playing with the tension and being present in the moment.

A little long at 36 min, but definitely a good listen.

Gary says:

Always high-quality content, I listened to the interview with Brian today and was very impressed with what was said about being completely shut-down from approaching, that was exactly where I was at until very recently. Now thanks to your encouragement, I’ve made the commitment to at least attempt to do some kind of approach every day.

Brian’s discussion on tension management was kind of like a summary of AMP’s DVD’s on Presence. They also discuss being grounded, though I found Brian’s suggestions to be so very simple and easy to follow. In fact, first day of my approach challenge I began this very thing, feeling the feelings and actually enjoying it. Looking forward to welcoming more tension as I grow my comfort zone further.