Guy and a Girl Alone on a Train. What happens…

by Eric Disco
Sep 13

written by Kieron Gillen
drawn by Charity Larrison


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Mr X says:

What the hell was that…?

June says:

I thought it was a nice break from the usual. An artistic take on the anxiety felt in this situation.

Egis says:

wow that was really original :)

Joe says:

Nice one! really liked it!

June says:

I gotta go with Mr.X on this one

Utopian says:

It gets better the more you experience it.

Josh says:

Sadistic guys the creators. But good stuff! :))

sky says:

sweet. remind me of the days i used to spend in bookstores reading manga.

Elvis says:

lol that was funny

Max says:

I liked the first five scenes. LOL

beelz says:

That was fucking awesome!

Francis says:

I totally agree with the metaphor here (if there is one) and the weirdness of the world around you when you’re making an approach. How while in the interaction your world seems strange and crazy. The blue thing going through him (which makes me queasy) reminds me of the nerves I feel (or use to feel) when I approach or about 10 seconds in. The way the blue thing retracts from him, I interpret as that feeling of comfort when you feel the anxiety flush away from you and you’re having a normal conversation with her (almost). The train breaking away, I interpret as when I’m in the conversation with her and enjoying it, the rest of the world seems like it’s not there anymore.

Sorry, this is my own interpretation of the cartoon….maybe there isn’t any other meaning to it, but other than the fact all those tentacles make me feel queasy I like to thing there’s a message in the cartoon of how it relates to AA.


clear says:

maybe opening with “what’s the book you are reading? has it some good jokes in it?” does a better job than a slightly hostile “do i know you?” (if you didn’t realize it has “laughter in the dark” on its cover; well, for those who know it is from nabokov the same guy who wrote “lolita”, it will be an even better starting point for developing a conversation).
and definitely when she starts “are we going to say anything else?” you go over and say “people talk too much anyway” look in her eyes, gently lift up her chin and kiss her. never miss an IOI.

vandersteen says:

the analogy doesn’t makes sense to me….the girl is clearly open to being approached so it doesn’t justify the horror going on. so I said what the ****! too.

acuity says:

Dude! What the hell is this?? Trippin, man.

Chris says:


Kenny says:

Eerily beautiful.

JOey says:

maybe it’s an all in one story (sci-fi, bloody horror, romance and comedy). Do you have the uncut version so we’ll see the ending of the story?? :D

geoff says:

wtf. i don’t get it. flies sucking the eyeballs of the chick at the end? what the hell is going on?? illustrations border on anime and bad cartooning. sorry, folks.

Evelyn says:

The people who don’t get it should read the comments..

The girl might be friendly, it’s still always an uncomfortable situation..

Mom says:

This was beautiful. I thought it was a lovely take on the anxiety, the lost feelings, the feelings of being alone. It was brilliant. Thumbs up for you. And, bookmarked.

Mom says:

Dont let anyone ever question your art. Its beautiful.

Iwonder says:

Uh, so there is a guy and a girl alone on a train and they decide to drop a hit of LSD? Or that’s the best way that I can think of to interpret it.

One fact alone is sufficient to prove this. Here the train, boy other girl…. seems so exciting on read I like all the way mocking between them. and a wrong station…. a coffee call … Uh.. look cool all at end. A bye bye.. Hmmm…

mbs says:

every day, i step off the train and get murdered by a billion tentacles. i don’t get back on.

D says:

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you this is bad or it doesn’t make sense – I write a lot of weird stuff too and it’s really annoying when people can’t take two seconds to think about what the art could possibly mean before jumping down to comments and saying something about how it makes no sense, or they’re just on LSD.
I love it. I want to see more.

hmm says:

kinda strange..but clearly portrays the anxiety and nervousness a new encounter brings! why are the flies murdering him in the end tho..with their legs stabbing through his cheeks? that may be a bit much.. pretty cool tho

RR says:

huh ?
that was weird .

ash says:

it was weird. but i liked it.

Maneesh says:

Something similar happened to me in a restaurant with a girl sitting alone a seat away at the sushi bar. I was alone too and actually we both came inside at the same time and the waiter showed us to the bar one by one. However, I wanted to talk to her, but nerves took the better of me and could not speak to her. It was too good to be true.

AAA says:

They are saying what they would like to say but the things that are happening are how they feel. I bet nothing – from a third perspective – happened on that train. To them the world was built up and destroyed through anxiety and missed opportunities.

Very good, very sad.

Peter says:

Ive gone by lots of trains and I’ve never experienced that. But I can imagine someone feeling what the illustrations display.

Good story, sorta Cthulhu like.

Marie says:

How refreshing. The chemistry is apparent and the visuals are appealing.

Matthew says:

This is pleasant, but does everyone have to be so cute/cutesy? I think this would be stronger if the characters were a little less cliche pretty, and felt more distinct and specific rather than just some fantasy out of tv ad.

Sebastian says:

i LOVE the first comment. exactly my first thought!

Alex says:

I can definitely relate. AWKWARD

Matt says:

This instantly made sense to me, I guess if you never leave your house or are naturally cocky it wouldnt. I dont know though, it kinda plays on the fear of rejection/social anxiety aspects of life in a really clever way. When you’re approaching someone and you can’t tell right away whether its appropriate or not, but decide to make a stand and fight off the negative emotions (the monsters/tentacles) even though your mind is losing focus and just persevere. Its really a well done and intelligent piece, sort of gives you an insight as to how many people suffer from these intense and usually uncalled for sensations of social anxiety.

Paul says:

What did I just read

Sarah! says:

I think I just went on a mini acid trip, there…

Deniz B says:

Was totally expecting this thing to get a little more “interesting”, a little “Risky Business”. Man, turned in to a bad acid trip, like Sarah said.

Ralphie says:

I actually enjoyed it.

evie says:


jcy says:

that was really good at summing up how awkward it is to cold meet someone but you really let the two off the hook w/ the whole “meet cute” thing in the 2nd half

mike says:

well obviously the guy watching this whole thing happen is on acid

Nate says:

That was awesome. I wish there were commuter trains in my city! (did I miss the point of the cartoon? Perhaps)

DavidPérez says:


this is my life, flies & octopuses & all

hannah says:

so beautiful…but would he miss his stop in real live? I would hope so much he would!

lordt78 says:

I would miss my stop. :)

GoldenMummy says:

Well, this totally made sense for me. I had a issue like this, saw a pretty girl everyday, we made a lot of eye contact, but I didn’t had to balls to approach her.

One day I went “f*ck it” mode and went talk to her, it almost looked like I being eaten alive by anxiety. And don’t get the me wrong even though I’m no Don Juan, I can have a decent conversation with a female stranger, it’s the situation that starts to transform into some monstrosity of feelings.

Nice piece. (PS: She had a boyfriend -_-)

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ASB says:

A Beautiful nightmare…

chorses says:


Xamuel says:

Wow, great show.

Marcus says:

Great stuff, really love how it brings out the internal strife both men and women feel, when it comes to trying to meet/impress/attract new people, by showing them as oblivious or unphased by the horrors around them.

dave says:

Fantasyland! I can already hear her sarcastic comments and see
the disgusted, unhappy and angry look on her face that you dared to
talk to her ( “I don’t know YOU! Leave me alone!” ) and she goes to sit someplace else. I have already seen this movie!

MrAntiquity says:

Dave–I’ve chatted up probably about 15 or 20 people on a subway. They’ve all gone well. Some of the conversations don’t last for more than a couple of minutes, but several have lasted the whole ride, and I’ve gotten about 5 numbers–including one who followed up with me.

There was only one girl who was a bit stuffy–but my opening line was really stupid as well.

And I’m not some massively hot guy–I’m 5’5 and look flat out average.

dave says:

Mr. A. – Sounds like you have one marvelous presentation! You must be very outgoing to make so many approaches and you obviously like
people. You must have done SOMETHING over the years to find such
a comfortable way of looking at this.

MrAntiquity says:


To be honest, not really. And I”m actually not that outgoing at all. The main thing I really learned that was new (to me) was that it’s ok to talk to people and that if you’re at all relaxed and engaging it will usually go well.

I do go through phases–sometimes I’m fine with it and enjoy it, sometimes I run into this weird mental block and just don’t say anything. But in general, if you’re friendly, girls will be friendly–and you can then move things forward. You need to be able to let yourself look at things in a new way, though.