Get Her Chasing You – Podcast with Lee

by Eric Disco
Aug 14

Until a few years ago, Lee had decided he was done with dating. “I’m done” he said.

But now, at 43, he is dating multiple beautiful women. In a matter of months he turned his life around.

Lee is one of the best dating coaches in New York. In this podcast, we sit down and talk about all the amazing things he does with women.

Lee has a very original approach. He is very different than other guys out there in the way he interacts with women.

But probably the best thing about Lee is his attitude and how much fun he has with this. It comes through in everything he does.

  • How to use age as an advantage rather than a disadvantage and get women of any age to chase you.
  • Hear some brilliant and fun daytime openers–all originally Lee’s
  • Why to cut dates short and what it does for you
  • How to keep your power in relationships and why women want you to
  • A very special method of getting women to call you
  • What to do on dates to get her begging for more

She’s Chasing You – Download Free MP3 Podcast (44 min, 40 MB)


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7 responses
kaizen20 says:

Leave them on a high note… act part flirty/part crazy. “Warning, Can’t sleep with you till the 11th date.” I like it. Thanks Eric.

Adam Durand says:

I don’t see this listed in your iTunes feed yet . . .

Eric Disco says:

I don’t see this listed in your iTunes feed yet . . .

Okay, it should be up now.


Adam Durand says:

It’s there now, thanks!

Mod says:

Great Podcast!! What is Lee’s website &/or other contact info??

Karma says:

This is proof that great interviews are as much about the interviewer as the interviewee. Eric asks questions and just gets out of way! (DavidD, you could use a tip or two from Eric interviewing style)

[...] Lee also normally goes indirect and has a whole slew of fun openers.  He’ll walk up to a group of girls and say “Let me guess, you guys are talking about boys!” [...]