Women Want to Fuck Me Everywhere I Go

by Eric Disco
Mar 10

It first came out as a joke.

I’m in an art gallery with my friend looking at some photos. There is a hot photo of a girl with a guitar practically making love to the camera.

“Wow, she’s pretty hot,” I say to my friend.

“Oh yeah. That’s Michelle Branch” he says.

“She wants me, I can tell,” I joke with him.

But in a way, I’m serious.

This superstar, sexy-as-hell girl with a guitar in a photo wants me. There is no way that is reality, is there?

Yes, it is possible. And no, this is not some Twilight Zone episode.

Agreed, she’s never met me before or even seen me. But I truly do feel like she wants me.

I’ve always shied away from things like affirmations. I hate the idea of sitting in your room trying to improve yourself when you really should be out in the world improving yourself by living your life.

And I still believe the best way to improve your life is to actually live your life.

But a while ago I began adding a different dimension to my confidence, inspired by some suggestions from the one and only Cory Skyy.

No matter how good I got with women, there was still a problem.

I would see a hot woman and the first thing to enter my mind was some sort of exclamation like “Holy shit that girl is hot.”

The second thing to run through my mind was doubt.

Some kind of doubt.

Can I get a girl like that?

Or perhaps even worse.

I can’t get a girl like that.

No matter how good I got and found out that, yes, I can get a girl like that, my confidence was still faltering at that first instant of seeing her.

Then Cory Skyy turned me on to a simple mantra:

Women want to fuck me everywhere I go.

He wanted me to say it everywhere.

All the time.

With a bit of hesitation I decided to do it.

And the payoff was incredible.

I would walk onto the subway train. I might get a look or two from a person. Instead of feeling self-conscious and wondering whether they liked what they saw, I had the mantra running through my head.

Women want to fuck me everywhere I go.

All of a sudden I walked with more confidence.

I would lock eyes with a girl and instead of freezing up and worrying whether or not she liked what she was seeing, I knew. Instantly.

Women want to fuck me everywhere I go.

Like a knee-jerk reaction I said it over and over.

And then I started to live it. I started to walk it. I started to be it. I started to know instead of wonder.

Instead of questioning if women liked me, I was questioning whether they were good enough for me.

When it started to happened automatically, I was dumbfounded.

I was looking in a window and noticed the reflection of a hot girl looking somewhere near me. Without even thinking, without even forcing it, the words popped into my head.

She wants me.

Is it true, or is it just in my head?

It doesn’t matter.

In Depression: The Evolution of Powerlessness, Paul Gilbert talks about the benefits of postive self-deception:

In order to make space and take initiative, it would appear that humans have evolved the ability to be somewhat over-confident in their estimations of their own ability and the controllability of things. We may make estimates that are not entirely accurate. Self-deception has overcome the potential problem of having to be sure of (honest with) oneself. There is now evidence that humans overestimate their abilities in many situations and see themselves more positively than others see them. The depressed person, however, may be more honest and realistic, not necesarily more negative.

In a review of a large number of studies, Taylor and Brown found that positive self-deception allows us to take care of each other, look forward to the future and work creatively. All of these may be extremely adaptive from an inclusive fitness point of view. It also has clear advantages to mental health. But self-deception may also lead to increased explorative behavior and a greater willingness to show off to each other and take risks.

Is it any wonder that women find confidence attractive?

So much of this huge life-defining thing called confidence boils down to just one tiny little moment.

At the beginning when you and another person are first aware of each other, you either do or do not worry that that person likes you.

If, from the start, you are 110% sure that you are infinitely likeable, from there you’ve pretty much got it made.

You may ask yourself, will she like you or will doubt creep in?

As for me, I don’t wonder anymore, I know.

She wants me.


Cory is a good friend of mine and one of the best guys out there when it comes to women. He is unlike anything you’ll find in “the community.”

His life-changing audio program Magnetic Mindset is available for pre-order here: http://badboywithaheart.com/mindset


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[...] Women Want to Fuck Me Everywhere I Go From: approachanxiety.com  It first came out as a joke.I’m in an art gallery with my friend looking at some photos. There is a hot photo of a girl with a guitar practically making love to the camera. » more 1 [...]

Cameron says:

Fantastic article, loved it.

Women want to fuckme everywhere I go.

MikeNYC says:

I read Cory Skyy’s website and he sounds really awesome. Everything he wrote on it really jived with me… And i might even look into his product.

Eric please let us know more about this guy and what he’s about from a more personal perspective.


Eric Disco says:

I read Cory Skyy’s website and he sounds really awesome. Everything he wrote on it really jived with me… And i might even look into his product.

Eric please let us know more about this guy and what he’s about from a more personal perspective.

Here is the deal with Cory Skyy. He is my friend and I work with him, but I will be objective here, listing the good and the bad.

Cory is fucking amazing with women. There’s no one else out there like him. He is a totally unique experience. He is completely outside “the community” and came up with all the shit he does on his own.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, he’s in his late 20′s now and was with over 100 women–by the time he was 18. Just seeing this guy carry himself is enough to get some understanding of what women are looking for.

These days he does all his pickup with eye contact alone. It’s really amazing. I’ve seen him do it. Me and his friend Mike Page joke around that he’s a super hero that can do everything with his eyes like hail cabs, etc. But he really does do all his pickup with his eyes now.

Over the last year, there is probably no one who has affected my game more than Cory. And believe me, I don’t suck at this shit. You ask him a question about any situation with a woman and he can give you a good answer of what to do. I’ve been coaching pickup for a while and some of the things he says still make me go “Ohhh! Okay!” I’m always seeking to improve. I’ve learned a lot from him and I’m not embarrassed to say it.

Cory, if anything, suffers a bit from what a lot of naturals suffer from. It’s difficult for them to see where you’re coming from as an introverted, dorky guy who sucks with women because he’s been fucking cheerleaders in the supply closet since he was 14 years old. Once in a while he can slip into the whole “just be confident” thing. In other words, not being able to explain exactly what he does. And it doesn’t help anyone when you tell them to just be confident. There’s certainly something to be said about learning from a guy who used to suck with women and then got good, because they can tell you how they got good.

But Cory’s been coaching for a long time now too, and he himself has come a long way in being able to put himself in your shoes and help you to become more confident. He’s done a lot to figure out exactly what he does with women and breaks it down so that you can do it too. And not suprisingly, a lot of it comes down to mindset.

Unlike a lot of other people, Cory is brilliant at knowing how to challenge you, to push you further than you thought you could go. He’s a master at challenging women, and that translates to challenging you, getting you out of your comfort zone and getting you to look at yourself in a way you never would have.

Eric Disco

g-man says:

Eric, you’re supercool. I want to fuck you everywhere you go.

Tai says:

Some good stuff here; only if I could believe that too. Your blog has made me try various approaches in attempt to destroy approach anxiety. Love reading your stuff, keep posting.

Cam says:

Taj you can believe it too. Just make yourself try it. Walk through the mall, or the bar, or even the bus stop, and constantly tell yourself “women want to fuck me everywhere I go.” If you’re walking along and you see a beautiful girl, just say it to yourself, in your mind. Starting out, it’s a pretty laughable concept (at least for me…), but even just in that I smile, I keep the eye contact, and I appear confident. Sure, the truth is I was laughing at the remote idea that women would want to sleep with me that often, but that’s not the point. You get yourself used to doing that, used to smiling, making good eye contact, and you feel it. It’s just like going into a job interview knowing you’ve already got the job. There’s no pressure to impress, you’ve already got the job – just prove them right.

Just say it, over and over and over again. Women want to fuck me everywhere I go. Soon, every woman who catches your eye wants to fuck you, and then it’s up to you to decide who you go after. Now you’ve got all the power in the world, and the women will be easy (in more ways than one ;-))

Cameron says:

Hey Eric,

I noticed a link to Cory’s products, is he giving you money for the products? Are you an affiliate? Have you listened to the magnetic mindset CD?

I am seriously considering buying thsi product.

Eric Disco says:

I noticed a link to Cory’s products, is he giving you money for the products? Are you an affiliate? Have you listened to the magnetic mindset CD?

I am not an affiliate of Cory’s. He is a good friend of mine and we work together in different capacities, trading coaching ideas, helping each other out, and meeting women together sometimes when I’m down in Sarasota. I have not yet heard the CD in it’s entirety but he’s worked with me on some of the concepts, like the one above.

Cameron says:

Ok, thanks for being honest and answering my question quickly.

I value integrity.

[...] Either way, while poking around, I found this article and just had to write about it. (Warning: The title of this article has a NSFW word in it. For purposes of this site, I will substitute it with the words “sexually crit”.) [...]

spicy salmon says:

lol i started applying this and i think it has a positive impact on my interactions with women. They for some get more playful when you have this phrase in your mind.

Girls want to fuck me. everywhere and anytime.


aschen says:

Hey guys,

I can’t recommend cory’s magnetic mindset program enough.
This stuff is worth every penny! It will change your life, no doubt!

I raid double your dating, mystery method, stuff fom gambler, mehow’s get the girl and so on and so on.

But since i do cory’s exercises daily, i know that this is a complete different level. YOU will begin to change, not your lines or routines or something. You will transform yourself, your beliefs and your reality.

Just 2 words here: try it!!!!!!!!

Jimbo says:

Dude you are awesome. I just used your tips and boned 60 girls. Wow!!

Dan says:

eric are you being honest? because i just the magnetic mindset CD and you said almost exactly the same thing in the introduction as you have said here. The good part!

Dan says:

i.e about Cory

Eric Disco says:

Hi Dan,

I am being honest about Cory. 100%. I’ve hung out with him on numerous occasions and seen him in action.

He was able to expand my horizon about what’s possible with women and also give prescient advice about what to do with women in any situation.

When someone can blow my mind, you know he’s good!


Mickey says:

DAMN!!! What’s THAT like???

Ronald says:

Amazingly awesome.