"I Couldn't Even Walk Into a McDonald's and Order a Burger" – Podcast With Kelvin

by Eric Disco
Feb 7

I’m really excited about this podcast. It’s different than all the other podcasts.

Kelvin isn’t a world-class dating guru (yet!) but in many ways he’s come a lot further than any of them.

About 20 years ago, Kelvin had so much social anxiety that he couldn’t walk into a McDonald’s and order a Big Mac.

For the last 20 years, he’s been working on himself. He has an amazing perspective on how social anxiety works and what it takes to get past it.

In this podcast, we talk about

  • How over-empathizing with people can cripple you socially
  • What things Kelvin did to help him become more confident
  • Why thinking so much is a problem and how to be more natural instead
  • How self-consciousness kills attraction faster than anything
  • Why eye contact can be difficult and what you can do to improve it
  • How social anxiety translates to neediness around women
  • How to feel good about yourself after bad social interactions

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5 responses
Peter says:

Great interview, Eric. It’s good to remember where some of us are coming from. I’ve not had Kelvin’s problems, but I can appreciate how far he’s come.

Anonymous says:

this is one of those things that makes me say “wow, and i thought i was bad”

thanks to Kelvin for sharing.

Juan says:

great interview. There were some parts I could relate to. Stuff like this is what makes me come back to this site.

Dave says:

Awesome interview Eric. I just discovered this blog and was really struck by how relevant a lot of your suggestions are for people with broader social anxiety issues too. I guess approach anxiety is really just a specific form of social anxiety that everyone has to overcome.

Eric says:

I can’t wait to hear this. I have so much social anxiety my hands and even HEAD starts to shake if an attractive woman looks me in the eye. Talk about an attraction killer. The doctor gave me some pills for it but I’m hoping I can beat it by just throwing myself into social situations.