Terms of Endearment

by Eric Disco
Nov 19

Sexual harassment.

I always associated terms of endearment with sexual harassment.

Perhaps its because I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s and it was the construct of the typical sexual harasser guy.

You know the guy.

The one who calls the waitress “Sweet Tits” or gives the secretary a smack on the ass as he says “Morning Toots.”

As I was growing up, I was taught that being that guy was the worst possible thing I could be.

So I did everything I could to avoid anything associated with it.

This included terms of endearment. Pet names.

As I got older, I became exposed to a broader spectrum of people. Gay guys. Liberated women. Trannies. People for whom it was comfortable to use terms of endearment.

They had no problem calling me Sweetie or Love or Girlfriend. And I enjoyed being called that.

And now, I believe it’s one of the best things you can do. I have no problem referring to any woman as Sweetie or Hon.

Even women I just met.

It really is an endearment and it endears them to me. It allows me to speak to them with a much sweeter tone.

What is your favorite term of endearment?




What about Princess?

or Sunshine.

And don’t forget Kitten.

And Killer.

And Tiger. Everybody likes to be called Tiger.

There’s Love Muffin, Sweet Cheeks, Superstar, Rockstar, Cuddle Bunny, and Booboo.

There’s Precious, Hottie, Sugar Mama, Gorgeous, Sleeping Beauty, Monkey Buns, and Peachy Pie.

There’s Pudding, the classic Beautiful, Hot Stuff, Pooh Bear, Sugar, Angel, Tiny Toes, and of course Pumpkin.

Next time you text a girl or get on the phone with her, try calling her Sugar Mama and see what comes back.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you.


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Andrew says:

I think having ‘rules of thumb’ like this is great for building game that applies to all women (but seems individual). Plus names like this create rapport.

I like to go with the old classic ‘bubbles’ :p


Aaron says:

I think while some terms of endearment are beneficial, I think you can go to far. Be careful not to cross the derogatory line and end up with a smack to the face.


Scott says:

I like “Doll” myself.

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mo says:

i like calling them (occasionally obviously change it around a bit) “mon petit chou” pronounced “moe putee choo” in a french accent. Its a common french term of endeerment. Obviously I use this on English girls. They always ask me if I speak French.

If they ask me what it means I tell them jokingly “it means my little cabbage”

asdf;kl says:

sometimes i use them with my girlfriend, she said she likes when i use them. i just texted her and used sugar mama, she called me a dork :P

Anne says:

She still probably liked it. I like being called ‘princess’ myself. Try not to read into it.
Great site you have here. I find a lot of it applicable to me and also agree with a lot of what you’re writing about women. Keep up the good work!