Acclimate Yourself to Her – Carlos Xuma Podcast

by Eric Disco
Nov 16

People always say “just be confident.” But how do you get there? Carlos Xuma is an expert at bringing out inner confidence in guys.

He doesn’t just tell you what to do, he shows you how to get the confidence to carry it out.

Where does a guy start when he’s dealing with fear? How do you build up your inner game without sitting in your bedroom chanting mantras?

What is the most important thing that attracts a woman to a man? What is the biggest mistake guys make?

Find out how you can approach women so you don’t feel like you are going into “enemy territory.”

Acclimate Yourself - Download Free MP3 Podcast (39 min, 36 MB)


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5 responses
peter says:

anyone else getting a 404 for the file?

Eric Disco says:

anyone else getting a 404 for the file?

Okay, it’s working now.


Blah says:

An inspiring podcast. Nice to hear somebody taking a practical approach, suggesting things that are actually feasible while minding the thing that drive us forward (and I mean ‘perceived success’, not ‘peer pressure’).

In the Russia, where seduction coaching (as well as other forms of coaching and info-sales) has taken an epidemic scale, there’s a by-now classic effect of regression, when people are forced to do things through peer pressure (“You’re a wanker unless …”) and, as the pressure group disappears, they regress into their old selves. According to what I’ve heard, this effect is frequent in clients of the large coaching firms.

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johnny says:

dude, the full podcast does not download.