Break Her Routine

by Eric Disco
Aug 4

We get into the elevator. She’s facing forward. I’m facing forward.

“How you doing today?” I ask.

“Goodhowareyou” she mumbles out.

My response: Silence. I wait for it… She glances over at me…

I get a dramatic look on my face and start to speak slowly. “I’m… a little hungry. But it’s nothing to worry about. It happens to me a couple times a day. I’m sure after lunch I’ll be fine.”

She laughs.


I do this everywhere I go. Snap people out of their routines.

Whenever I step up to a counter to order something, I’ll ask how they’re doing. They ask me how I’m doing and expect a “Fine thanks, I’ll have a large order of…”

Instead, I use this opportunity to fuck with her. In a good way, of course. A way that makes her smile.

“I’m wonderful!” I tell her. “I thought you’d never ask!”

Part of all of this is to wait that split second longer to respond. It builds up the tension.

When you meet a girl, high-five her instead of shaking her hand. Why? For the sole reason that it gets her out of her routine. She’s used to something and you’re giving her something different.

Something fun.

Something unexpected.

If I ask “how are you,” oftentimes I’ll get a lame-ass sounding “good.”

I call her on it.

“That didn’t sound good! Oh my god, you hate mondays, don’t you?”

It’s not an easy thing to do at first. You’ll want to go with the flow and not mess with someone’s day. But once you start to do this, you get a feel for taking initiative and taking control of social interactions from the very start. It’s great practice and lot’s of fun.


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Mike says:

yeah i notice myself doing this when i’m in state.

and when i’m not i use this to get into state. talk to cashiers, ask for directions on the street and banter off their response, give girls hi-fives, all these things are great for getting into a talkative mood and building social intuition.

Rich says:

Ive been starting to do this lately and its a lot of fun. Definately gets you into a good talkative state like Mike said. For me I still dont approach as much as I should but this is a good way to get warmed up before you try some approaches.

John Doe says:

Awesome post Eric. I sometimes find myself in those conversations, you know what I mean, regular and boring with no-one committing. I am snapping people out of their routines already!

daygamer says:

Cool…so there is an elevator routine. lol

Matt Savage says:

Solid work here. I’ve also been experimenting with different types of responses for those small talk type of situations. The “how are you?” questions were just getting to be so stale and non-personal. Using something other than the typical response, “I’m good, how are you” is key.

Angel Eyes says:

I do this all of the time and I haven’t even thought about telling people about it. I’ve got to write about this… lol.

I like doing it to waitresses and service people… something like:

“Hi, how are you today?”

Me: “Pretty shitty…”

Startled… “I’m sorry…” or “Really, what happened”

Me: “I’m playing… but thanks for asking”… (wink)

That usually can start up a good conversation about “why” I said that I was doing shitty…

Funny stuff.

turbine says:

I do this when I’m feeling talky, and it’s extremely effective for setting a “this is different” vibe, but you must remember that the resulting banter will get old almost immediately if you do not steer it into a “personal flirtation”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put on a dancing-monkey routine with a checkout girl… of course she laughs, she’s probably attracted, but we’re both thinking “ok that was great… what was the point of that? now what?” So, always be escalating.

DoinThangz says:

Awww man I did this just the other day at work on my way to lunch and now it’s become a saga conversation with this chick. Day 1 we arrive at the elevator together & we get on. I noticed her name on her work badge & I said oh your name’s Wendy, cool I was wondering what your name was & she she then asked what my name was so I tell her & then she repeats my name like Oh ok John. Day 2 she gets on the elevator as cute as she can be & I ask if she was doing ok today? She says I’m good, how are you? I waited as she watched for a reply & I say to her, well I think the word for today is HOT (being that it was 100+ degrees outside.) Then she chuckles & says yes it’s very hot. Then she asks me where the nearest Cingular cell phone store was & I told her where to go. Then she says ok because I ate lunch at my desk & now I have nothing else to do so I reply back, well you’re welcome to hang out with me if you like (with a smerk) & she smiled & went on to her car & I went to mine. Day 3 we’re on the elevator again & I asked her if she was able to find the Cingular store & she said yes, your directions were great, it was a straight shot. So I said cool. So as the days went by she learned which floor I get off on & this morning she punched my floor for me as I was getting on the elevator with her.

Day 4…didn’t see her this morning but I do believe that after work on yesterday afternoon (Day 3) that she purposely took the elevator back down from the top level of the parking garage where we both park just for another chance to talk to me. Usually if the elevator door opens at 5pm & someone’s on it, they have forgotten something in their office but instead she did not get off, she claimed that she was “just riding up & down” So myself & a mob of folks get on but soon they all get off except me & the hottie. She then notices my workout gear & says…”I know you’re not going to jog in all this hot weather” & I said “oh hell no, I’ll be inside the gym” then she goes on to tell me how it was so hot outside that she had gone home for lunch to take a shower & that she was about to go take a 3rd shower. Part of me was thinking ok is this an invite? LOL & part of me was thinking that she wanted me to visualize her naked. (I did) but instead I just made the comment “well atleast we know you’re clean” & then we parted. The point is….breaking the routine can lead to bigger & better things. How normal is it for a woman who is practically a stranger to tell a man how many showers she’s had?

Prince Demogogue says:

Hi-5′s are very powerful. I used them at a party on Memorial Day on 7 girls and they all responded well. Women and people in general love Hi-5′s. They are very positive and show in an instant that you’re a fun, playful, and confident person.

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