Pickup Podcast Interview With Eric a.k.a. Disco

by Eric Disco
Jul 4

We have a very special podcast today. This is an interview I did with the fantastic guys from a great site called PickupPodcast.com.

Both beginners and experts will pick up some great stuff from this interview. We delve deeply into how to handle rejection, embarrassment, and creeping out girls. We talk about direct/sincere approaches and indirect/flirtatious approaches.

Why is daygame so great? Why are women so attracted to guys that can approach them during the day? We go into some fantastic straightforward daytime approaches and why they work.

Listen To This Discussion - Download Free MP3 Podcast (52 min., 20 MB)


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3 responses

Hello Eric,

Thanks for your podcast! Wouldn’t you mind if I post this podcast in my media blog?

Anxietiplegic says:

Great interview, Eric.

One of you guys mentioned you wanted to study how people stand in elevators? It’s been done. I had an ex who studied social decision making, she was always telling me about these great studies she’d read. One found, not surprisingly, that people stand in the elevator to maximize the distance between other people and the wall. Another was more interesting. They had an elevator arrive to pick someone up, but there were already people in it facing the wrong way. If one person was facing the back, the new passenger would get in, but face the front. If two people were already in the elevator facing the back, the new passenger wouldn’t get on! If there people were facing the back, the new passenger would get on, but also face the back. Great stuff. I tried to google around but couldn’t find a reference.

Jordon says:


Go ahead and post the LINK to the interview on your media blog. We require that the podcast itself is hosted on our server and website, however. If you need help or clarification, feel free to email us at pickuppodcast.com