"Women Are Drawn To Courage" – Interview with the Legendary Brad P

by Eric Disco
Jun 14

Out of the archives comes this interview with one of the most enigmatic and and imposing figures in the seduction community, the legendary Brad P.

Brad is one of the most aggressive guys out there when approaching women. To see the success he gets is mesmerizing. Yet he started with a lot of social anxiety, shame and hang-ups about himself.

Brad was the first guy that took me out in the field almost two years ago. This never before released interview was recorded a few months ago and provides fantastic insight you won’t find anywhere else.

Brad reveals breakthrough methods of handling approach anxiety and some foolproof openers. He talks about how it’s possible to develop courage and achieve permanent change in your life.

Want More Courage? - Download Free MP3 Podcast (32 min., 30 MB)


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3 responses
MikeNYC says:

Cool stuff. I especially liked the part where he told about his embarrassing experience in drivers ed.


Cam says:

I’m not arrogant enough to think that this podcast was remotely as a result of an email I sent not long ago; but it’s precisely what I was looking to hear. I plan, tomorrow, to go out and force at least one approach on a woman tomorrow. Regardless of whether I fail, I thank you Eric for the website which in and of itself has helped me in ways that don’t even start with approaching women.

I gotta get myself to NYC…

I really like these audio articles & interviews. I can listen to them when I’m going outside. One suggestion .. you can add some instrumental, or relaxing music on background to improve the experience.

Keep up the good work.