"Women Are Created From Chaos" – Interview with Trev Roberts

by Eric Disco
Apr 25

In a hotel room in London, I talk with Trev Roberts, Pickup 101 coach and professional psychotherapist who works with guys to improve their confidence around women.

“Guys come to me with direct questions about how they can interact with a cute woman at work, or the girl next door, or a friend of a friend that they really really like. They have no way of knowing what they need to do, what they need to say, how they need to behave in order to get her to feel the same way.”

“Many years ago, I worked a lot of things out myself on an unconscious level. I got to the point where I was having amazing success with very hot women.”

Find Out How Trev Does It – Download Free MP3 Podcast (39 min., 36 MB)


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a (nice) guy says:

Awesome interview Eric and Trev, that was both entertaining and educational. :)

Here’s my cribsheet summary (for myself and for those who are too lazy to listen or dislike mp3s):

-Ask for dates by assuming they’ll happen (ie – “When are we gonna go for a drink?”… NOT yes/no – “Would you like to go out for a drink?”)
-Keep it playful/funny at first
-Moving slowly = confident, graceful, in control
-Moving quickly = nervous, aggressive-looking
-Focus on what you’d ideally like to be/do/have, NOT on problems or obstacles
-If you can visualize it, you can live it!
-A job that forces social interaction can help break down your shell
-One woman, one vote… a rejection from a hot girl does NOT mean you’ll be rejected by all (and vice versa)
-Thinking about soul mates and “1 person for everyone” puts too much pressure on new interactions… we are in fact attracted to and compatible with type(s) of people, not just 1 individual
-Not being heavily invested in outcomes leads to less pressure, better outcomes (oh the irony of life)
-Talk to as many people as possible, start small (ie, talking to grannies, asking for directions, asking for time)
-Hypnosis may help the process of becoming a charmer, but is not a magic wand

This’ll give me some good fodder to use in approaching this gorgeous barber girl soon. Keep up the awesome :D