My Reality Is Shattered

by Eric Disco
Mar 29

A write-up from one of my students from the last Art of Rapport workshop. -Eric a.k.a. Disco

I was lucky enough to have Eric a.k.a. Disco as my coach for Art of Rapport in Chicago.

Disco was also my coach at the Art of Attraction workshop. Besides being a highly skilled PUA and an excellent teacher he is simply a great guy and someone I now consider a friend.

I can be pretty damn good at bars and clubs when I’m in the mood, but I lacked a strong skill set specifically geared towards success at approaching women during the day.

My lack of experience meeting women while sober during the day resulted in my lack of confidence and uncertainty about exactly how to go about approaching successfully during the day.

I had quite a few successful direct and indirect approaches during my Art of Rapport weekend, and of course some frustrations and inner struggles too.

The tipping point for me, the moment when all my internal switches turned on and I realized “I CAN DO THIS!” was late Saturday afternoon when Disco pointed to a super hot girl, probably a stripper, who walked by us while talking on her cellphone.

Disco said “Go open her!”

I hesitated: “She’s on the phone dude, that’s rude!”

He looked at me again and said “Do it!”

I resisted and Disco said “Fine, then I’ll do it” and took off running after her.

I turned to the other student and said “Dude, she’s gonna tell him to fuck off, watch.”

Not only did she NOT tell him to fuck off, but she closed her phone and I could see that she totally LIT UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE while excitedly talking to him.

They talked for 10 minutes and Disco came back with her phone number. She texted him later that evening.

I couldn’t believe it. I was determined not to go back to the seminar room without attempting the same thing. If he could do it, then I can do it too.

My opportunity came about 15 minutes later while we were walking back towards the hotel. An unbelievably gorgeous blonde, golden tan, incredible body, walked by talking on a pink cell phone while. This chick was an 11 in my book.

As I watched this magnificently flawless thing of beauty walk past me I knew what was coming next.

Disco took one look at me and said “GO!”.

I yelled “Fuck!” towards the heavens, turned, and ran toward her.

As I came about 10 feet behind her I felt like I was in the zone, no approach anxiety, no fear, nothing.

I totally believed what I was going to tell her so I KNEW I couldn’t fail.

I gently touch her arm and she turns while still on the phone. She was even better looking up close.

I couldn’t help but say with a big smile on my face: “Excuse me, but I was walking with my friends when I noticed you pass me, and I just had to come tell you that you are unbelievably cute!”

She clicked her phone shut without even saying goodbye to whoever she was talking to. She lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh my god! That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day! That is so sweet, thank you!” she said while holding onto my hand and squeezing.

She continued to hold my hand as we vibed for a few minutes. I found out that she was a hair model in Chicago from Houston on a shoot. I got into some wide rapport but I didn’t ask for a date or number because I was too blown away by what just happened:

While sober during the day on a busy street I opened a drop-dead gorgeous girl talking on a cellphone while walking away from me and not only did I make her smile but I made her day!

Before we parted she once again told me that she loved me for totally making her day while still holding my hands and squeezing.

I just want to thank my coach Disco for shattering my reality by showing me what is possible. Since the weekend I’ve done another direct approach on a girl whom I consider to be a perfect ten and it went very well, as well as a number of indirect approaches.

Art of Rapport, with Disco as my coach, was definitely one of, if not THE, best personal growth courses I’ve ever had the good fortune of experiencing.


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GBG says:

I feel like I could do this too, but while reading the site (which is GREAT) I just keep thinking “What do these guys look like?” I mean, I just don’t feel like I’m good looking enough. That I’m going to approach a girl and she’s going to think I’m below her league after one second of seeing me….

I just don’t feel like I’m good looking enough.

Guys with physical challenges tend to limit THEMSELVES, rather than be limited by other people. It can be a paralyzing excuse for not doing what takes bravery to do.

It’s about magnetism, the way you carry yourself. Being confident, comfortable and able to be yourself, i.e. display personality, around women is what makes you attractive.

Once you begin to approach women and begin to tweek things here and there, you start to see how much of a difference this stuff makes. It’s like night and day. I wish you could be a fly on the wall in these workshops and see the changes these guys go through.

You actually BECOME better looking to women when you are confident and outgoing. Your personality and social knowledge override all this other physical bullshit.

I recently asked Sean Newman what he thought of me when I first took the workshop. He said that when he saw me 6 months later, he commented to one of the supergirls that I seemed a lot better looking, that they couldn’t figure out what was different.

I had done nothing to change my physical appearance or style, I had only gotten WAY more confident around everyone.

In his post It’s Not Your Height, Or Your Hair, Or Your Glasses, Niels comments

I’ve worked with a student whose face, despite several surgeries, remained “unusual”-looking. And he had more heart and more balls than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. He approached girls in situations that would have intimidated instructors and ended up in great conversations. He’s my hero, and if I hear anyone blaming their relationship problems on being too short or too bald, I’m going to punch them in the face.

Check out these other posts for more info

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bluescreen says:

These comments are incredibly inspiring to me… I’ve never considered myself attractive, so knowing it’s mostly about attitude and confidence is a big morale booster.

Rocky says:

I’m the guy that wrote the above testimonial. I too used to think that good looks were a prerequisite to being a consistently successful PUA, but after taking AoA and also AoR I have learned that looks are not always the most important thing that a woman looks for in a man.

Good lucks can be a crutch that hinders ones development of the skills necessary to move the interaction beyond that first level of her being attracted to you. Without the ability to banter, vibe, and enter in deeper and deeper levels of rapport with a woman, a good looking guy will not be able to successfully move the interaction beyond the initial opening…and this is something that happens to a lot of slightly above-average to really good-looking guys that have never taken the time to develop a skill set to generate attraction. They got lazy in high school and college when things were easy and never developed beyond that.

I know because I actually was one of those guys. I’m not the best-looking guy in the room, but I do have a tough-looking persona and I was able to coast on my rough good looks for a long time…yet other than a ton of one-night stands and many failed relationships I still hadn’t developed the skills to actually CHOOSE which women I wanted to approach, rather than just go with the woman who just happened to be nearby and friendliest to me. Now I have a skill set that gives me CHOICE, something that was hit-or-miss with me before. Yes, I was successful compared to most guys…but I didn’t possess a reliable system that actually gives me the ability to CHOOSE which women I want to approach and then GENERATE ATTRACTION with them by amplifying the things within me that make me a cool guy.

MY POINT: Anyone can learn these skills and gain success with them, no matter what you look like. These skills will make you a better person, someone who is fun to be around and can vibe and gain rapport with people you just met. As unattractive as you may think you are, it is usually never as bad as you think. Some minor changes in style and grooming can go a long way towards changing not only the manner in which others perceive you BUT also your own SELF-IMAGE. A confident man is an attractive man, and women are not only influenced by looks to some degree but more importantly are drawn to men who can create STRONG POSITIVE EMOTIONS within them.

So, how do I know that looks are not the most important thing. Easy: I saw other students at both AoA and AoR who were definitely outside of the mainstream cultural standards for what is generally accepted as “attractive”. Guys that were skinny, short, wore glasses, and were from various minority cultures…some that still spoke english with heavy accents. Other guys were large and heavy-set, not Abercrombie and Fitch looking homos with 6-pack abs. Yet I saw these same guys turn into confident approach machines by the end of both of these workshops, and it was VERY inspiring. These men were TRANSFORMED, and I could see that what they had learned over 3 days had been LIFE-CHANGING.

Check out the PU101 coaches. Every single one I’ve ever met has been a genuinely cool dude, and I can honestly say that I respect and love every one of them…every last one. Not all of them would probably be considered “attractive” if you were to line them up and then ask the opinion of some hot 25-year old bar chick. Yet with my very own two eyes I have seen these same guys have hot chicks like that relaxed, laughing, and leaning in towards them within seconds of them approaching…and staying in set as long as they wanted. Dan Mangano opened a 4-set of cute girls during my AoA after they rebuffed a number of guys that couldn’t hold the set. I watched him do it and he made it look as easy as a hot knife cuts through butter.. Eric Disco stops stripper-hot chicks while they are walking down the street while talking on their cellphones, and they text him later in the evening wanting to know what HE is doing..and here I was thinking that I had to “work” at doing things like that.

Now I know better.

Rocky says:

In want to add that I’m NOT implying that Eric and Dan are “unattractive”…Dan can be physically intimidating until you realize that he is just a large warm and gregarious guy, and Eric appears like an introverted jaded rocker until his eyes light up and he gets that half-smirking smile on his face that probably makes most chicks think he’s cute-as-fuck.

My point is that these are all regular guys that through their knowledge and experience with this skill set have developed their own unique style, fashion sense, charisma, and enhanced core confidence which has naturally made them more attractive than they probably were before learning this knowledge.

If they can do it, others can too.

relentless d says:

Great read here, just bumping this awesome post because it deserves some spotlight :D