How To Succeed With Women

by Eric Disco
Feb 21

Fail. Fail again. Fail differently. Fail better. Fail harder. Fail quicker. Fail smarter. Fail clearer. Fail funnier. Fail badly. Fail well. Fail painfully. Fail on purpose. Fail by accident. Fail and learn. Fail without learning. Fail in the cold. Fail in bookstores. Fail in malls. Fail on the train. Fail on Valentine’s Day. Fail your friends. Fail your family. Fail yourself. Fail everyone. Fail society. Fail again. Fail when you thought you were done failing. Fail and feel good. Fail and feel bad. Fail and wonder where you are going. Fail and know. Fail and feel sick. Fail and get embarrassed. Fail and hate yourself. Fail and love yourself. Fail and get hurt. Fail and get rejected. Fail when you didn’t think you could fail. Fail and face your fear. Fail and get past your fear. Fail and find more fear.

Deeper fear.

Fail boldly. Fail majestically. Fail publicly. Fail fiercely. Fail and walk through darkness. Fail and be alone. Fail and celebrate. Fail and get drunk. Fail because you want to. Fail when you don’t want to. Fail with humiliation. Fail with your friends. Fail by yourself. Fail in love. Fail with girls who aren’t your type. Fail with hot girls. Fail with hotter girls. Fail awkwardly. Fail and make her smile. Fail and stall out. Fail and forget your lines. Fail and regret not saying something. Fail and do better. Fail and fall backwards. Fail with serenity. Fail with hope. Fail with hunger.

Deeper hunger.

Fail for no reason. Fail because you pushed too hard. Fail because you didn’t push hard enough. Fail because you were too needy. Fail because you didn’t care. Fail because you were too drunk. Fail consistently. Fail with commitment. Fail often. Fail habitually. Fail religiously. Fail bitterly. Fail joyously. Royaly fuck it up. Fail and laugh. Fail and come oh so close. Fail like you never thought you could. Fail even better. Fail again and again and again…


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7 responses
Nick says:

Great post!!!

thirtyplus says:

Fail adjective fail adjective fail noun fail verb fail adverb fail adjective fail adjective fail adjective fail.

Hmm, I will have to think really carefully about this advice.

John Doe says:

Yeah, that one sucked.

John Doe says:

Ok, so I left the last comment. And it was a hateresque negative comment. I hate those comments!

Very important point about being willing to fail and how you learn from each mistake. However; I felt Eric could have included a few successes in their, its not all failuires right?

Anyway, it depends how you define failure; if your goal is to to do an approach every day and you do one you’ve suceeded! Or what if you have a great interaction but dont get a date or anything? The girl and you both leave happy, is it a failure?

mike says:

this one gripped me

loose the fear of failing

John says:

it’s not about the fear of failing… it’s about in the act of failing, you also learn what NOT to do. He’s saying (and others have said it to) that the people who get the best at this are the people who try over and over and are willing to fail over and over, because in failing you learn… and yes, part of what you learn is not to fear failure, but to embrace it :)

San says:

Dear me. Some people really don’t get it.

I love this article – its one of the best yet. Its beautiful, because it sums up Pickup probably better than anything I have ever read.

Major kudos, and very re-assuring.