Always Escalate. Always.

by Eric Disco
Feb 8

There is no reason to not escalate. You do not get any points for being the “nice guy.”

It’s only in the movies that the woman says “Wow, that’s so nice. You weren’t trying to have sex with me. You like me for me!”

This is not to say that you should constantly be hitting on her and trying to have sex with her. There is something to be said for biding your time, pushing her away after you kiss her and saying “You’ve had enough.” And then *SMACK* on the ass.

What I’m talking about is the nice guy syndrome. You want so badly for her to think you are a good, nice person, that you don’t risk taking it to the next level.

You also may not realize how fast it is possible to escalate. When your wing tells you “You could fuck that girl tonight if you wanted to” and then it happens, your reality literally explodes.

You don’t get any points for waiting. You want to separate yourself from other guys, but not being sexual is not the way to do it.

Always Escalate. Always. That is my motto. I’ve been working on this for a while. Always seeing how far I can push it and how quickly I can take things to the next level.

When I go out at night I physically escalate quickly, so quickly that sometimes I get rejected.

During the day, I try to take the girl home THAT DAY. Fuck Day 2′s. I don’t want Day 2′s anymore. I’m going to bounce the girl for coffee and then bounce her to a bar or a store in my neighborhood and then back to my place.

What does this do? Does it make girls trust me less? No. It makes me work on my comfort and trust so that I have it nailed down. It makes me work on my attraction game so that I can get the girl so turned on she doesn’t want to stop. It makes me perfect my kino and see how quickly I can make her comfortable with touching me.

Fuck Day 2′s. From the moment I approach the girl I am thinking about sleeping with her. Every move I make I am considering when is the right time to escalate to the next level, when is the opportune moment to ask this girl out for coffee or get her to leave the venue with me.

And if I do have to set up a day 2, if there are logistical issues or she says ‘no’, you better believe I am taking this girl back to my place on that first date.

I’m not pushy. But I know where I want to go. I know how things are going to unfold and I’m pushing that envelope.

I had a girl break up with me the other night on our first date. “I’m just not ready to get involved. I have intimacy issues.” I sat back and laughed. And kept escalating.

“You’re not getting in my pants” she said, as I escalated even further.

Nothing happened that night with her. And that was fine with me. It wouldn’t have made a difference if I had waited four dates to try something with that girl. She wouldn’t have been more attracted to me at that point.

I can escalate hard because I know she isn’t the only thing on my plate. If she rejects me, which she did, I have other options. A lot of them.

It doesn’t mean I wasn’t into her as a person. I was. There was something special and unique about this girl. But I also wasn’t about to take it personally when she didn’t want to get involved with me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the phrase “We’re not having sex.”

“Thank God!” I’ll respond. “A girl that doesn’t just want me for my body.” And then sometimes we have sex. Or sometimes she makes me wait until the next date.

Always escalate. Always. I KNOW I’m a wussy. I know I’m a nice guy. I’ve been a nice guy since I was 8 years old. It’s not going away. It seeps through ever fiber of my being.

It’s now time to see how far I can push it rather than play it safe. It’s time to escalate to the next level of my game.


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Cam says:

Wow Eric, powerful post. You are definitely clear about what you want. This reminds me of Hryistian.

Amanda says:

Your web site makes me sad, really sad for you and for the men that subscribe to this. It is scary the way you are manipulating and scheming constantly, and it makes you a very dangerous and insipid individual. It is apparent that your sole intent in life is to get attractive women into bed, and have devised a series of exchanges, pick up methods, and other bullshit plots to carry this out. The most interesting thing about this all, is that it is devised under your distorted veil of “honesty” and “confidence building” techniques. What is most laughable, is that you believe that you are a nice guy, with niceness “seeping through every fiber of your being.” I would almost go as far as to say that you have misogynistic tendencies, you most definitely do not value women. Ladies beware – and guys really, you’ll see this is ultimately a destructive path.

alerrencire says:

Excellent forum, added to favorites!
There was merrily!

jake says:

kino |ˈkēnō|
a gum obtained from certain tropical trees by tapping, used locally as an astringent in medicine and in tanning. • The trees belong to genera in various families, in particular Pterocarpus and Butea (family Leguminosae).

not to be a dick head.

Munashe says:

Amanda doesn’t get it, in pick up its not the sex that matters its the process. It is the process of just having fun and being intimate with women.


Pick up is no bigger a crime than just loving women. So like he said you tell her you want some, she can say no.

DoubleR says:

Unless Amanda is a really ugly desperate girl, she has probably succumbed to a PUA ( natural or trained ) at least once. She has also probably broke the heart of at least one “nice guy” before as he didn’t portray the quality’s stressed in the PUA community ( aka Alpha ). This whole “art” if you call it, is based of the science of how a woman works, and what triggers her. Its not Mans fault woman are triggered by emotions and verbal interaction, rather than pure visual stimuli like men are.

Guto says:

I’m not apologizing for my desires as a man, sorry Amanda.

Us in the PU community are working hard to find ways to facilitate connection between men and women, we give fun and make a lot of women happy, we aren’t taking anything from them.

For some reason, some women have a hard time accepting that humans are sexual beings with complex dynamics.

messerole says:

Amanda is completely misinformed here. No one is manipulating anyone, all this guy is advocating is persistence. The girl is always free to refuse, and the best advice is to heed it. The other ‘manipulations’ as you so call it, are merely motivating factors to keep a guy trying. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

JayAllen says:


You sound slightly different in this post rather than some of your others. But nonetheless, nice guys get shit on and it is very logically forseen if you break it down (like you have in many posts). Perhaps some guys want to seduce women, some guys want steps and exercises for building confidence, getting over social anxiety, and overall being the best guy (or gal) they can be. Alot of the subjects and teachings in the blogs can be put to use in so many more area than the dating field and if that is all Amanda gathered from this website she is sadly mistaken.

Amanda: I am not a mind reader, but it is been proven over and over again that women want confident men that arent afraid to take what they want. At the same time alot of girls want someone they can establish a deeper connection with. Eric teaches how to be both without falling into the friend zone (the metropolis is desperation and heartbreak for alot of cool guys sadly).

But some girls really like the nice guys (usually fat chicks). If that is the case, you will not find good advice here.

Is that it Amanda? are you a fatty :P

Amor says:

Hey Eric, how is it going? Havent seen you commenting on your posts lately hope everything is well. Back to the article I agree that we must escalate at every opportunity we have but does the intensity change on social circle? Do you escalate on your best girl friend friend the same way you would on a cold approach and a possible one night stand? Does the intensity or escalation ladder change at all? How would escalate on social circle situations ? Hope you are good man, ever since I started reading your posts Im alive again.