"Come talk to the man with the Jewfro" – Interview with Jae Ellis

by Eric Disco
Jan 27

Jae Ellis has a unique and intriguing perspective on pickup. He’s coached women as well as men, giving him some fantastic insight into the way women think. He’s also got some great techniques to help guys get beyond approach anxiety.

“Women are very very insecure, the same way men are, if not more so. On these boards I heard thirty different women talking about what they’re afraid of–does he like me, why didn’t he call, etc. They’re sitting there strategizing about everything, the same as me and my guy friends. Hearing that shifted my whole frame for how I looked at all women. As concerned as I am, she’s at least as insecure as I am. She’s just putting on a show here.”

Editor’s Note: Jae talks about Landmark Eduction in this podcast. I have not taken Landmark Education and cannot endorse it. Some people take issue with their tactics. Do your own research on it and decide for yourself. – Eric Disco

Interview with Jae Ellis – Download MP3 Podcast (51 min, 48MB)


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2 responses
Bill says:

DO NOT take the Landmark Education Forum program that Jae recommends!!! It is a complete WASTE of time (3 days, 1 night) and money ($500).

truth says:

Landmark is a very controversial group that has nothing to do really with education or business
See this link before you let them mess with your mind or your business.

I noticed the last few days many posts/blogs like this.
This is just a sub-rosa campaign to get an interest going.
It is really a part of LE’s lack of full disclosure.
Pretty much in truth spam
and it will not get you laid , but they will fu&k you over