Making Pickup The Priority Of Your Day

by Eric Disco
Dec 4

I’ve been making real progress doing subway game. It seems to be almost as easy as park game. Girls waiting around for the train are BORED. They seem to be pretty into talking to people.

But there’s a huge wall there sometimes. I get to the subway station in the morning. And I’m even thinking about opening a few girls. But it’s pretty cozy here in my shell.

In fact, my shell is pretty pimped out. It’s fur-lined and warm. I even have cable TV in there. I could just hang out alone all day, lost in my thoughts. I’m pretty good company. It’s cold outside of my warm little shell.

And nobody is talking to anybody. It’s just not a social place. Nobody is expecting you to go up to anybody. Expectations are very low.

While I expect this to change, I’m still at the point where if I don’t make subway pickup a priority, it just might not get done. In fact, there’s a possibility I could go the entire day without cold approaching a single girl. Yecchh!

I have a lot of things on my mind. I’m thinking about what I’m doing over Thanksgiving break. I haven’t even been able to go on dates with all the girls who’s numbers I’ve gotten because of Thanksgiving and other business. But that’s no excuse.

Doing pickup re-energizes me. It makes me the daddy of the pimp daddy. It brings me where I want to go, regardless of whether the approach was “successful” or not.

When I leave the house in the morning, if the primary focus of my entire day is to do that that one pickup, I’ll do it. If not though, it gets lost in the shuffle of my life and gets pushed aside with lame excuses like I’m “too busy.”


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gforce says:

Hi Eric,

I somehow can relate to your post. I’m coming from a place of scarcity (women, sex, lovelife etc) and I read and think about PU a lot. But I have a very technical IT job where I really have to concentrate at work. I have meetings, presentations etc and I don’t want to appear lost in my dreams. So my mind starts working in the office mode. I start concentrating on my presentations, projects etc and often notice that the people around me are all chit chatting, laughing and teasing each other and i’m there looking at my computer screen with a serious look. After work I find it difficult to approach girls. Do you have any suggestions on how to get out of your head and start enjoying ?


Hi Gforce,

1. Try to be social with everyone. I talk to whomever I am in the elevator with, even if it’s just about the weather. Banter when you buy food or coffee (“Put a little extra love in mine.”). Keep practicing and you’ll get good at it.

2. Give yourself a lot of leeway. If people around you are more outgoing than you, it can sometimes be daunting and make you climb even deeper into your shell. Be alpha. Make stupid comments. Try not to care. Whatever you do, don’t ruminate over it and it will make you more secure in speaking up in the future.

3. Instead of memorizing a whole bunch of things to say, pick one or two banter lines and get really good at them. I like the hired/fired thing. You ask for directions and then tell her she’s hired/fired as your personal assistant, depending on how well she does. Keep going with it and get good at it.

“You’re hired as my personal assitant, but I can’t afford to put you on the payroll so I’m going to have to pay you in chocolates and massages.”

“You’re fired as my personal assistant. You told me you could handle this job when you interviewed!”

Eric a.k.a. Disco

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prateeksha says:

i will read a book everyday

I tend not to drop a ton of remarks, but after looking at through a few of the
comments here Approach Anxiety