How To Get Blown Out–And Why

by Eric Disco
Aug 3

We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in NYC. It’s 106 degrees without wind chill and I’m dripping sweat by the time I get to work.

I do a single set every day at lunch and today I’m tempted to not go out. The park is deathly hot but I decide that this is when it’s most important to keep doing it–when I don’t feel like doing it. Consistency has gotten me this far.

I decide to head over to Barnes and Noble. I walk in and see this amazing girl. She’s gotta be a 9.5. Even though I had an amazing day 2 last night and have been number closing like crazy in the last few days, I begin to get approach anxiety.

This is what it’s all about to me. Getting that approach anxiety. Knowing that I’m pushing my limit and challenging myself. I begin to deal with the approach anxiety using deep breathing. I’d walked away from the girl but now I walk back toward her.

I open her with “Can you tell me where I can find books on Tantric for Pets?” She sorta smiles but doesn’t quit laugh. “Actually, I just wanted to say hi. My name’s Eric.” I can hear the nervousness in my voice. It’s like my voice is tight, I’m not relaxed.

She says her name is Michelle as we shake hands. Her huge blue eyes are burning right through me.

“Are you from around here?” I ask. She says no, she’s from and she’s interning. “Where?” I ask. She says Barney’s. “Cool,” I say. I got nothing. “Yeah, you, um, seem creative.”

“What do you do?” she asks. I say I’m in IT and try to drop some cocky funny about always getting hit on by the interns when I set up their computers.

She says “It was nice meeting you” and turns and walks off.

I start to feel a bit of the humiliation of getting blown out, but not a lot. At this point I’ve been through it enough times that it doesn’t sting so much.

Okay, so looking back, there was about 20 different things I could have done. And it wasn’t a total blowout.

It was good though because I went out and did my set. Beyond that, this girl was incredibly cute. Olive mediterranean skin with a nose ring and a really nice smile. I’m getting used to talking to super hot girls. As somebody said a while back, to start dating hot girls thing you have to do is start approaching hot girls.


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4 responses
Jay says:

Hey Eric
I was wondering if there would be any way to redeem yourself from this shortfall? Could you come back another day when you are more comfortable to give it another shot?

dave says:

Why does it have to be so horrible for the guy to wait to be approached so that HE will know that she is interested? I cannot imagine approaching ANY woman who did not want me. If she is interested , then she will come up.What is wrong with that? I get to waste MY time?

MrAntiquity says:

because as a general rule Dave, she won’t.

Lee says:


Because it is an almost universal truth that women want men to demonstrate a willingness to risk something for their interest, and unless you are gorgeous or famous, waiting for them to make the first move is allowing the really good ones to walk on by before they get a chance to get to know you. That’s why.