10 Fashion Tips to Terminate the Nice Guy

by Eric Disco
Aug 3


There’s been a lot of discussion about the limitations of getting attractive women unless you yourself are physically attractive.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your looks is to improve your fashion. In many ways, fashion is more important to women because it conveys something physical attractiveness cannot: social intelligence.

Here are ten killer tips to go from lady snoozer to lady chooser and terminate your nice guy vibe.

1) Have a look rather than trying to mix and match. I can’t tell you to buy this belt or these shoes because it’s not about just finding a great belt or great shoes. It’s about finding an overall look that works for you.

Are you a motorcycle rider? Punk? Artist? Wall Street Trader in custom suits? Yoga guru? Euro DJ? Country gentleman? You should pick a look that is partially based on your interests. You don’t have to be a professional skateboarder to wear a skatepunk look. If you skateboard once in a awhile or like to watch professional skateboarding, then you can adopt the look.

Let’s say you do pick a skatepunk look. Notice what professional skateboarders wear. Notice what normal skateboarders wear. Buy skateboarding magazines and notice what those guys wear.

By having a recognizable look, you can begin to build your wardrobe around something specific. Every time you see a cool pair of shoes that interests you, you can ask yourself, would a professional skateboarder wear those shoes? If yes, then go for it.

2) Going from safe to edgy takes time and practice. Most guys try to play it safe. Everyone tries to blend in. If you can’t blend in at all, then maybe you should try that first. But then try to push your comfort zone a little bit.

When you do pick a look, try to make it a tiny bit edgier than normal. Women are easily bored by guys who play it safe. If you have a cool, edgy, recognizable look, it makes your job so much easier with women. Keep in mind, it takes some practice to get into a new look. If you’ve been dressing preppy all your life, and want a punk look, you won’t be able to go out in a day and buy all the right clothes, get the right haircut and jewelry–even if you have all the money for it. You’ll need to transition into the look and get comfortable. Push your comfort zone a little bit at a time.

3) Get an awesome pair of jeans. Yes, jeans can be expensive ($150-350). But think about it. You could buy 2 or 3 pairs of jeans and wear those for an entire year. You can’t really do that with shirts. So it’s worth spending more on a good pair of jeans. A friend of mine got one good pair of jeans and used to wear those all the time. If you don’t have any look yet or don’t know where to begin, I would recommend Diesel stores. Most of the jeans in there will be cool, somewhat ‘bad boy’ and have some edge to it. You usually can’t go wrong with Diesel.

scebiqu.deviantart.com14) Get an awesome haircut. Google image search popular hairstyles for guys. Think you’re hair won’t do that? You’d be surprised at what you can do if you have the right tools. You can do amazing things with a flat iron, some sumo wax, and some freezing hair spray. I like hairspray because it holds the look in place a bit.

How did I learn to use this stuff? From my super cool hair stylist. It’s worth paying more ($75+) at least once for a stylist at a good salon who can look at your hair and tell you what’s good. Print out some pictures of what you’re going for and show it to him or her. She or he can tell you how to get that look and if it’s even possible with your hair.

5) Check out other guys. You should be checking out guys as much as girls. If you see a very cool guy, check him out very carefully. Notice what shoes he’s wearing. Notice his jeans, his shirt and his haircut. Notice his jewelry and his tattoos. If you don’t know how to pick out a cool guy or a sexy guy, start by looking at guys with super hot chicks. Not all of them will be cool but the majority will have something going on.

6) Check out mannequins. Another good thing to notice is how sales people dress mannequins. A lot of those ensembles are really well put together and have a distinctive “look.” They’ll take some safe clothing and put the right things together that work and make it look cool.

7) Get international fashion runway magazines. I think magazines like GQ aren’t very good. You need to be careful with magazines like these. They cater to guys who want to play it safe. To find out what’s really in style, get some international magazines that show A LOT of runway looks so that you can keep up with fashion. You can pick out what you like and keep your eyes open for similar things in stores. You can find these magazines at specialty magazine stores that carry international magazines.

8) Be wary of ads. You need to be careful looking at ads for the majority of clothing companies like gap or banana republic. They show models wearing very safe clothing and spice it up to look hot. They throw hot girls in their ads as well. That doesn’t mean the clothing is hot, fashionable or edgy. It’s just the photography and models that are hot, fashionable and edgy.

scebiqu.deviantart.com39) Go to very expensive high-fashion stores–just to look at what’s hot. Places like Saks Fifth avenue are great. They will have a men’s couture or high fashion floor. Those places sell shirts for $800 or a jacket for $6000. Unless you’ve got money to burn, you won’t be buying a $6000 jacket. But you can notice the up and coming styles of high fashion designers and get a feel for what’s in style. And then go to…

10) Vintage Stores! A lot of fashion comes and goes. What was in style 25 years ago is back in style now. You can actually go to a vintage store and pay $18 dollars for a shirt that’s very similar to the $800 dollar shirt. Sometimes the vintage store is even cooler. I don’t know where I’d be without my vintage stores. Vintage stores can be a fantastic way for you to test out new styles without maxing out your credit cards. In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, there are some amazing vintage stores that sell shirts for $12-18 dollars. Inevitably, when you shop for clothes, whether it’s vintage or not, you are going to end up not liking a 30% of the clothes you buy, whether they’re new or vintage. If you can get five shirts for $18 as opposed to one for $90, you can build your wardrobe a lot faster and try out new looks that may have scared you before.


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